'Sealed With A Kiss'

It's been 10 years since my husband and I made our vows to each other. I know all too well the excuses, manipulative motives, and hurt feelings that are part of a man and a woman living their lives together. The reality is that marriage is tough, but there is an unmatched beauty and wonder to it when we follow the definition of its Creator.

It's this message that keeps me grounded when my head and heart fill with excuses to give up. It's this message that helps me see the future of multi-generational blessing because of right decisions made now. It's this message that encourages me to forgive and stop the cycle of hurt. It's this message that grounds my expectations and changes my focus toward the glory of God instead of me. It's this message that makes me more like Christ and His example of love instead of the constant temptation to conform to this world.

This is the message our culture needs to understand about marriage. This divine union only works when we lose our life and understand we are now ONE with each other. As the Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, "You are not your ow, you were bought at a price!" At the altar, we divinely were "Sealed with a Kiss." We are no longer our own, but belong to each other and to God. It is no longer about us, but His glory.

I want to personally thank those that helped put this video together. A special thanks to Joe Frey who allowed us to use his wonderful song, "The Chasing", for our theme song. To Henk at www.desertclayfilms.com for his great work behind the camera and in production. To the wonderful couple that helped us put a picture to the struggles and beauty of marriage. Also, I ask for your fervent prayers over our marriage and our four children as we release this video into a culture that has many that vehemently oppose this message of marriage. May God be glorified!

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'Dear Pop Culture'

Shorty after completing the project "Dear Pop Culture," people from all over the world had commented on how it positively impacted their lives. To God be the glory for using this message to initiate intentional, God-centered talks between fathers and daughters, youth pastors and teens, single moms and dads who needed a tool to talk about these difficult moral and cultural issues with their kids, and many more. This spoken word was birthed out of my raised intolerance for entertainers, whose lyrics and images have poisoned the minds of so many young people.

It's funny how this whole spoken word began. My husband wanted me to write a spoken word for a Music Cafe that he helps to lead at our church. Of course, it was the day of the event and I still had not written anything. It was only a few hours before the event, and again my husband asked me if I could still get the spoken word done before the cafe that same evening. I sat down at the computer and within an hour had put this together. When God inspires something, it just seems to roll off of your mind like a constant drip of rain. I gave the word that night and many who heard it were greatly affected by it and wanted me to record it. A friend from our church helped us out and put the movie together. Soon after posting it online, it started to rapidly get hits and hundreds of emails came in from people all over the world who were greatly impacted by it as well.

I hope you will forward this video to all of your friends and encourage them to not conform to the pattern of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of their minds as they read the Word of God, which is the best Spoken Word we could ever have.

This video is available for download to show at your local church. Purchase Details.

A Declaration for Today's Pop Sensation