Thanks for dropping in! Here is a little about myself. I teach art and dancing at a private school, and help my husband lead the Children's Ministry at our local church. "Dancing Daffodil Daisy" is much like me. I had a case of the "wiggles" at a very early age. I hope you LOVE the book. It has had a relevance and great impact to both young girls and women of all ages! I'm looking forward to publishing 2 more books in the near future: Timmy Le Bedhead and Maddie Sue Moorsoop.

I hope you have a chance to check out the video, "Dear Pop Culture" as well. It is quite different from "Dancing Daffodil Daisy." My husband asked me to put together a Spoken Word for a music cafe that he runs at our local church. The morality of our culture has been under attack for some time, and I felt inspired to write this script as an exhortation to people of all ages to look to Jesus as our prime example instead of the distractions and misrepresentations of Jesus in our culture. I hope you enjoy it, and you pass it along for others to view as well. If you would like to follow my videos on Youtube, subscribe to my YouTube channel, which can be accessed on the home page. You can also become a fan of the "Dancing Daffodil Daisy," facebook page, which can be found at the top of the home page.